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Film on Equal Rights Amendment Featuring Professor Linda Wharton to be Shown at Stockton on March 6

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Film on Equal Rights Amendment Featuring Professor Linda Wharton to be Shown at Stockton on March 6

Galloway, N.J. _ A documentary on the status of women in America and the Equal Rights Amendment that features Stockton University Professor of Political Science Linda Wharton will be shown at Stockton at 6 p.m. March 6, in the Campus Center Theatre, followed by a panel discussion.

The 2016 film, “Equal Means Equal” discusses issues affecting women including poverty, wage discrimination, rape and sexual assault, foster care, domestic violence and sex trafficking. It makes the argument for reinvigorating the fight to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

The films was produced and directed by Kamala Lopez and actress Patricia Arquette.

Wharton got involved through her work doing equal rights advocacy for women before she came to Stockton.  She worked on ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment and participated on panels discussing the issue. Lopez asked her to advise on legal issues for the documentary.

“I came in as a consultant, helping to understand the law,” Wharton said. She said the ERA is needed now more than ever because strict constructionists say that the U.S. Constitution says nothing about equal rights.

Congress passed the ERA in 1972, but never got the necessary 38 states to ratify it before the 1982 deadline.

“(The ERA) has continued to be reintroduced in each Congress, but there is no energy behind it,” Wharton said. “But now we have the #metoo movement.”

Following the film, Wharton along with Lucienne Beard, executive director of the Alice Paul Institute, and Donnetrice C. Allison, professor of communication and Africana studies will participate in a panel discussion moderated by Amanda Owen, executive director of the Justice Bell Foundation.

The event is free and open to the public. A reception will follow the event.


Diane D’Amico

Director of News and Media Relations

Galloway, N.J. 08205

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Mayor Gilliam to Host Business Summit

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A Business Summit is planned for all business owners and developers on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 beginning at 9 am in City Council Chambers, 2nd Floor of City Hall. 

Mayor Frank Gilliam stated, “We want to do everything that we can to assist the business community of Atlantic City to grow and prosper.  Federal, State, County and City agencies, along with our local utilities, are all working together to support economic development in our City”.

Three new businesses in Atlantic City have already taken advantage of the GROW NJ Tax Incentives: South Jersey Gas, the Atlantic City Call Center and Enroute Computer Solutions.  Gilliam noted “this powerful program is set to end on June 2019, so we need to help new businesses take advantage of it now.”

Another New Jersey Economic Development Authority effort is the Business Lease and Business Improvement Incentive Program.   This program is targeted to Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Avenue from Massachusetts Avenue to Albany Avenue; the Downtown Loop area bounded by South Carolina Avenue, the Boardwalk, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue; and Albany Avenue. The Business Lease Incentive provides for reimbursement of 15 percent of the annual lease for two years of a five-year lease.  The Business Improvement Incentive is a grant of up to 50 percent of the cost for first floor improvements not to exceed $20,000.

The NJEDA also provides a wide array of programs to assist small businesses from financing to technical assistance which will be discussed.

The City has also been awarded federal grant funds to assist developers to complete brownfields assessments of their properties.  The advantages of this program will be presented.

A goal of the Gilliam Administration is to make Atlantic City a model community for energy efficiency and alternative energy.  The City already hosts the only wind farm in New Jersey; has solar panels on the Public Works Complex, Wave Garage, County Court House and the Convention Center; has a fleet of alternative fuel vehicles and a CNG fueling station and will soon be the first City in New Jersey to convert all its street lights to efficient LED technology.  But much more can be done.

To continue this commitment, Mayor Gilliam has invited the two local utilities to present their programs designed to assist local businesses to be more energy efficient.

Atlantic City Electric will present its EDGE Program which offers new and growing businesses a 20 percent discount off the delivery distribution portion of their electric rate.  South Jersey Industries will discuss the Direct Install Program which funds up to 70 percent of energy efficiency upgrades for small businesses.

Mayor Gilliam stated, “it is great to have everyone working together to help local businesses”.

Each program will be presented and then the presenters will be available to speak one on one to assist those who attend the Summit.

For more information regarding any of these programs please, contact Ben Kaufman, Atlantic City Planning & Development Department at 609.347.5404.

Teachers from Panama Arrive for Eight-Week Bilingual Program at Stockton

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Galloway, NJ _ Mayra Espinosa wants her elementary school students in Panama to learn English.

That’s why she is among 21 teachers from Panama who will spend eight weeks at Stockton University studying English, teaching methods, and technology in the classroom.

“It is much easier to learn a language if students start when they are younger,” Espinosa said through interpreter Yibin Feng, an international student advisor at Stockton. “Knowing English will make them more competitive in the labor market and business.”

In July, Stockton president Harvey Kesselman traveled to Panama to visit with officials and learn about the government’s Panama Bilingue Initiative to train 10,000 Panamanian teachers in English and in the latest teaching methods. The goal is to improve public education and economic development in the country by increasing the English fluency of its citizens.

Stockton was approved by the Panamanian government to offer the training, and will also develop opportunities for Stockton students to study in Panama.

The teachers arrived on Jan. 15 and are staying at Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club, where the staff has adapted the menu to include traditional items including empanadas and rice and beans. Students said the food has been “delicioso.”

On Jan. 19 Stockton hosted a welcome luncheon at which the teachers, some wearing traditional dress, presented small gifts to Stockton officials. President Harvey Kesselman gave each teacher a Stockton pin and they presented him with a plaque, gifts and a Panama flag pin.

“This is a very important program for Stockton,” Kesselman said. “A major initiative here is global engagement. We value what you bring to us and we want you to immerse yourselves with our students.”

Their visit will also include weekend trips to New York and Philadelphia.

Provost Lori Vermeulen said learning another language and culture is a gift that keeps on giving.

“This program is critical to the growth of the economy of Panama,” she said. She said Stockton wants to play an active role in helping the country meet its 10,000-teacher goal.

After lunch that included fried plantains and churros, students gave out small coconut candies called cocadas, which they made in the Seaview kitchen. Teachers Yarelis Gonzalez and Olmedo Ortega performed a traditional dance.

Media interested in attending a class or interviewing the teachers can contact Stockton News and Media Relations Director Diane D’Amico. A farewell luncheon is scheduled for 12 p.m. March 9.

A gallery of photos from the luncheon is on flickr.


Diane D’Amico

Director of News and Media Relations

Galloway, N.J. 08205

Diane.D’[email protected]


More Than 4,800 Attend First Stockton University Gateway Career Fair in A.C.

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Atlantic City, N.J. _ More than 4,800 job-seekers attended the first Stockton University Gateway Career Fair on Feb. 13, taking advantage of the opportunity to meet with more than 80 employers from Atlantic City and South Jersey.

“This is amazing,” said Brian Jackson, chief operating officer of Stockton’s Atlantic City campus, who coordinated the event. “It shows how many people want work.”

People began lining up hours before the 10 a.m. opening, but stood patiently as the line circled the Convention Center lobby and hallways up to the Career Fair. Many brought resumes with them and employers said that was a good idea.

“I got a lot of qualified candidates,” said Thomas Chiusano, a talent acquisition specialist at South Jersey Industries, which has job openings in customer service, IT and sales.

“A lot of people are excited about us coming to Atlantic City and said they’ve been trying to get jobs with us,” Chiusano said. “They came today to see us face to face. This was a success for us.”

South Jersey Industries is building an Atlantic City office as part of the Gateway Project on Albany Avenue that includes Stockton’s Atlantic City campus.

Wesley Wallace, regional manager of Source4Teachers was thrilled that they signed up 150 good candidates to work as substitute teachers.

ShopRite also had a stack of completed job applications that will be reviewed then distributed to hiring managers for eight stores in the region.

“This was a good day for us,” said ShopRite South District HR Manager Gemma Freeman. She said they have both part-time and some full-time positions in different areas to fill.

While some job-seekers were disappointed that they would still have to go online to apply for jobs with some companies, employers said talking with prospective employees and leaving resumes does help.

“We answered questions, looked at resumes and talked to people about where they might fit in,” said Borgata customer care manager Carmen Sansweet. “We had 10 people here today and we do a lot of hiring. We want to get people interested in jobs.”

Many of those attending have part-time jobs and are searching for more stable full-time positions.

Harry Mears of Atlantic City worked for 16 years at Bally’s but is now just working part-time at Tropicana as a dealer.

“I’m looking for a full-time job so I don’t have to scrimp and save so much,” he said. “I saw a lot of people I used to work with here today.”

Samantha Gaskins just recently moved to Atlantic City from Sicklerville and is looking for an entry level job ideally in a customer service area. She also got information about Atlantic Cape Community College’s culinary program.

“It was worth it to come and talk to people,” she said. “I did see someone put stars on my application, so I hope that’s a good sign.”

Jackson said he was thrilled that Stockton could provide the opportunity to so many area residents and businesses.

“This is part of Stockton being an anchor institution in Atlantic City,” he said. “These are the types of things that we can take the lead on as part of our commitment to Atlantic City and South Jersey.”


Diane D’Amico

Director of News and Media Relations

Galloway, N.J. 08205

Diane.D’[email protected]


The Atlantic City A New Beginning Scholarship

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(Atlantic City, NJ) - Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian said Thursday, “When I first became Mayor, having a scholarship that provided Atlantic City residents an opportunity to further their education beyond high school was extremely important to me. That is why I dedicated my first inaugural ball towards raising funds for a scholarship endowment at Atlantic City Cape Community College. We called the scholarship Mayor Don Guardian’s “A New Beginning” Scholarship. Since 2014, we have raised $300,000, with $200,000 being invested into an endowment account. As of 2017, a total of $7,000 has been accrued in interest from that endowment account. The remaining $100,000 was drawn down to be used for award scholarships.

From 2014 until 2017, a total of $60,006.90 was awarded in scholarship money to over 25 students who were eligible as of October 2017. I hope and pray that these scholarships played a small role in helping these students ease their financial burden. Going forward, I requested that the residual $49,193.10 be added to the remaining $200,000 endowment account to be used for future scholarships. Education is the key to breaking poverty, and I hope I did my small part in helping to lift the next generation of Atlantic City residents out of poverty.”

Eligibility Requirements:

• Reside in Atlantic City for two years prior to enrolling at Atlantic Cape

• Demonstrate financial need

• Maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.5

• Enrolled at Atlantic Cape Community College

• Complete Free Application For Student Financial Aid

• Submit a scholarship application


• Based on applicant ability to meet eligibility requirements

• Up to $2,000 per semester per student