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Now that the referendum has been defeated in Atlantic City, Democratic Primary Mayoral

Candidate Jimmy Whitehead is poised to make his official announcement next week.

Jimmy Whitehead intends to bring “fresh ideas and change to the governance of Atlantic City

with a pathway highlighting an avant garde economic development plan providing a resilient

recovery and non-casino jobs. I do not owe anyone or any special interest group anything, I

only owe the people of Atlantic City the best possible representation, which is long overdue.”

On the referendum: “We just experienced an unprecedented attempt by outside interests to

change Atlantic City’s form of government. The referendum was possible because it is obvious

the city remains broken, but fortunately the People of Atlantic City recognized we need to

control our destiny. Now it is time to roll up our sleeves and give the all Atlantic City the “good,

mature, accountable, compliant, and transparent governance” City Hall leadership deserves

and needs. I want term limits on local seats also. The same people in office have led us where

we are, with over 40% residents living in poverty.

Mr. Whitehead will soon present a development plan focused on non-casino mixed-used

development, and needed reform within all departments of Atlantic City. We are a service

oriented city, and cannot get service from our city hall. Additionally, Jimmy Whitehead’s

economic plans include special infrastructure projects which will be highlighted that will create

thousands of new union steelworkers, electricians, carpenters, and longshore labor jobs.

Marc Anthony, Full Mark G Etess Arena of Hard Rock AC

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Atlantic City, NJ Saturday January 25, 2020


-El Artista Puerto Riqueno Marc Anthony Se presento en el Hard Rock Casino en Atlantic City, con el tour Opus.


-Podemos decir que mas de 5000 personas Vinieron a ver el Artista este sabado.


-El Publico Bailo, canto y gozaron un show espetacular.


-El Artista Interpreto la mayorias de sus exitos, que lo llevaron a la fama Internacional.


-El Album Amor Sin Mentiras que lo grabo 2004, fue como empezo el concierto en Atlantic City,

este album tiene Temas Como: Valio La pena, Tu Amor Me hace Bien, y Ahora Quien. Canto muchos mas exitos y tambien

Les hizo recordar a todo el publico presentes exitos que no pasan de moda.


-Pero antes de la presentacion.

Joe Lupo, Sorpredio el Artista Marc Anthony dandole una famosa guitara.


-el Artista Marc Anthony quedo sin palabras.


-Joe Lupo es el presidente del Hard Rock de Atlantic City.


NOTA: todas las fotos estan en el facebook page


-The Society Page en Espanol.





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Stockton New-Student Enrollment Increases 2% for Fall 2019

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Galloway – Enrollment of new students at Stockton University increased 2% for fall 2019, putting the university on target to exceed its goal of 10,000 students by 2020.

More than 9,900 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled for the fall, including nearly 8,900 undergraduates and over 1,000 graduate students. Stockton achieved a 2% increase in new students, which includes more than 1,500 freshmen, 1,100 transfer students and 400 graduate students.

Chief Enrollment Management Officer Robert Heinrich said Stockton received more than 6,900 freshman applications for fall 2019, a 14% increase over 2018.

Stockton became more selective in its admissions this year to maintain a freshman class size of 1,537, Heinrich said. The academic quality of the incoming class remained strong, specifically in terms of high school grade point average and average SAT scores, although Stockton is test optional and does not require students to submit standardized test scores for general admission.

Almost 100 students have indicated they would be enrolling in Stockton’s new Transfer Pathways program, which allows students who were not admitted directly to Stockton to enroll in a dual-admissions program with a local partner community college, then transfer later to Stockton to complete their bachelor’s degree. Fifty of those students are attending Atlantic Cape Community College, and the others are attending Brookdale Community College, Camden County College, Ocean County College, and Rowan College of South Jersey.

More students are also applying for federal and state financial aid, with more than 6,400 new freshmen and transfer students submitting the federal FAFSA form for financial aid, a 9% increase.

More than 3,000 students were granted merit- or need-based awards from Stockton.

By making great strides this recruitment cycle in enhancing the overall diversity of the student population, Stockton increased minority representation among the new students by 2%. More than 900 new undergraduates identify as a minority or mixed race.

Stockton also reported increased enrollment for summer 2019, with more than 2,536 students taking summer classes, a 4% increase from summer 2018.

Enrollment in courses offered at Stockton University Atlantic City has also grown by almost 30 percent since the new residential campus opened in fall 2018. This fall 1,682 students are taking at least one course at the Atlantic City Academic Center, up from 1,300 in fall 2018. More than 530 students live in the Residential Complex on the Boardwalk.....